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12" Pixel jig-- BLEM Rough Corner
12" Pixel jig-- BLEM Rough Corner

12" Pixel jig-- BLEM Rough Corner

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This is being included in the mis-melted category due to errors in the print.  This is still a functioning product, just have cosmetic defaults as described below.

Bottom corner has rough texture to it, purely cosmetic.  Boscoyo strips still slide through the slot and is still usable as a jig.





his is a jig used for pushing RGB pixels into Boscoyo Studios mounting strips. It will work with both the original mounting strips as well as the newer heavy duty strips. The mounting strip slides through the jig and allows you to push pixels at any spacing you desire. It has recessed holes that can be used to mount to a bench or piece of wood. This speeds up the process of inserting pixels and saves wear and tear on your thumbs/fingers. Available in multiple sizes and each size can be combined end to end to make as long of a jig as you would want.