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Pixel jig for use with Boscoyo Chromatrim V3 or coro strips

Pixel jig for use with Boscoyo Chromatrim V3 or coro strips

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This is a jig used for pushing RGB pixels into Boscoyo Studios Chromatrim v3 mounting strips or the coro version of the chromatrim. The mounting strip slides through the jig and allows you to push pixels at any spacing you desire. It has recessed holes that can be used to mount to a bench or piece of wood. This speeds up the process of inserting pixels and saves wear and tear on your thumbs/fingers. Available in 8" length and  can be combined end to end to make as long of a jig as you would want.

Complete regular pixel jig set with pixel pushing tools available here:

New t handle design bullet node pusher tools can be bought here:

A video demo of the regular jig can be found here:

These will come in various colors and each piece may vary in color.

****These are designed to be used with the real deal Boscoyo Studios mounting strips, not the imitations made by others. For high quality ORIGINAL IDEA products make sure you order from Boscoyo's website.****

3D printing is accomplished by printing layer by layer, slooooowly. Due to this additive layering, there may be minor imperfections that can easily be fixed if you decide to finish it into a show piece. Posted pictures in listings are always representative of final quality.